Biography of Matthias Ziegler (*1955)

Matthias Ziegler playing counterbass
Press photography
Matthias Ziegler with multiple deep flutes
Press photography
Matthias Ziegler
Press photography
Born in Bern, grown up in Zurich
First flute lessons at the age of ten, in parallel autodidactically starting to play guitar, drums and saxophon
Studies architecture, after cancelling this, starting to study at the Winterthur conservatory
Concert education from Conrad Klemm, solo diploma with William Bennett.
During his studies employment at the Zurich chamber orchestra and participation in jazz sessions.
After the exam a concert tour with harpenist Andreas Vollenweider
Co-founder of the Palladio Ensemble (flute, cello and harpsichord)
Has a special preference for very deep instruments and also installs microphones in those flutes
Inventor of the Matusi flute. This instrument has an additional whole, closed by a membrane, which can be stopped by a muffler. The sound is a bit chinese.
Lectorship for improvisation at Winterthur conservatory
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