Biography of Frank Martin (1890-1974)

Born in Geneva, 10th child of a calvinistic pastor
First composing
Private studies with Joseph Lauber.
Changing places of residence in Zurich, Rome and Paris
Founder of Societe de Musique de Chambre in Geneve
Lectorship in Geneva at the institute Jacques-Dalcroze for ten years
The ballad for flute ist the required piece of the international music contest in Geneve, the winner is Jaunet
Marriage with the flutist Maria Boeke
Edition of his Sonata da Chiesa for viola and organ for his flute playing wife.
Three years president of the Schweizerischer Tonkünstlerverein
Relocation to the Netherlands
Seven years of composition lectorship at Cologne university
Early works are influenced by French late romanticism like Franck or Faure. From 1930 on Martin is engaged in studying Schönberg. Late works show a mix of twelve tone music, functional harmonics and use of ostinato and organpoint.
Dies in Naarden, Netherlands

Sheet music for flute:

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(flute, piano)
Rating: mid-grade
  1. Allegro ben moderato - Vivace - Lento - Presto - molto vivace
The version for flute and piano (1939) was first written. The orchestration was done in 1941.
Sonata da Chiesa
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(flute, organ)
Rating: difficult
Hard to read due to handwriting. Through composed, no separated movements.
Hand written, hard to read.
Trois Chants de Noel
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(voice range d'-g'', flute, piano)
Rating: mid-grade
  1. Les Cadeaux (Die Gaben/The gifts)
  2. Image de Noel (Ein Bild von der Heiligen Nacht/A picture of Christmas)
  3. Les Bergers (Die Hirten/The Shepherds)

CDs with/from Frank Martin

Matthias Bamert, Ian Bousfield, Celia Chambers, Peter Dixon, Philip Dukes, Roderick Elms, Martin Robertson, The London Philharmonic
  1. Ballade for piano and orchestra (16:56:00)
  2. Ballade for trombone and orchestra (08:00:00)
  3. Ballade for cello and small orchestra (15:56:00)
  4. Ballade for saxophone and orchestra (14:45:00)
  5. Ballade for viola, wind, harp, harpsichord and percussion (12:23:00)
  6. Ballade for flute, string, orchestra and piano (08:03:00)
Ulf-Dieter Schaaf, Frank Volke
horizontal & vertical (2010)
    Francis Poulenc: Sonate pour flûte et piano:
  1. Allegro malinconico (05:01:00)
  2. Francis Poulenc: Sonate pour flûte et piano (04:38:00)
  3. Francis Poulenc: Sonate pour flûte et piano:
  4. Presto giocoso (04:02:00)
  5. Claude Debussy: Bilitis (Six Épigraphes antiques) pour flûte et piano:
  6. Pour invoquer Pan, dieu du vent d`été (02:34:00)
  7. Pour un tombeau sans nom (03:33:00)
  8. Pour que la nuit soit propice (02:50:00)
  9. Pour la danseuse aux crotales (02:46:00)
  10. Pour l`Égyptienne (02:59:00)
  11. Pour remercier la pluie au matin (01:49:00)
  12. Frank Michael Beyer: Tiento für Flöte und Orgel (08:19:00)
  13. Frank Martin: Sonata da Chiesa per Flauto e Organo (15:01:00)
  14. Jehan Alain: Trois Mouvements pour piano et flûte:
  15. Andante (02:20:00)
  16. Allegretto con grazia (01:53:00)
  17. Allegro vivace (02:06:00)
  18. Benjamin Godard: Suite op. 116 pour flûte et piano:
  19. Allegretto (02:02:00)
  20. Benjamin Godard: Suite op. 116 pour flûte et piano (05:24:00)
  21. Benjamin Godard: Suite op. 116 pour flûte et piano:
  22. Valse (04:44:00)
  23. Jean-Marie-Baptiste Donjon: Offertoire op. 12 pour flûte et orgue:
  24. Adagio (04:33:00)

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