Biography of Hector Berlioz (1803-1869)

Born in Côte Saint-André near Grenoble son of a country doctor
Moves to Paris to study medicine
Start of music studies with Le Sueur and Reicha
Admission at Paris conservatory
Acquaintance with the english actress Harriet Smithson. The relationship, which was happy at the start, became the biographical background for the Symphony Fantastique.
Winner of the Rome Price on the third attempt
Back to Paris and working as a musical journalist and support with his writing several composers like for example Spontini, Weber, Gluck and Beethoven
head of music feuilleton for Journal des debats
Completion of his Requiem, composed on commission from the French government to honour the victims of 1830.
A present of 20000 Francs from Paganini helps Berlioz to survive during his work on Romeo et Juliette
Conservator of Paris conservatory
Breakup with his alcoholic wife.
Concert trip to Germany until the next year. Acquaintance with Wagner and Schumann
Release of his instrumentation method
Librarian of Paris Conservatory
After the death of his first wife second marriage with the singer Marie Recio
Member of Institut de France
Death of his second wife
Death of his only son Louis
Dies wearily in Paris
Played well enough flute to give lessons.
A selected group of musicians of the New York Symphony Orchestra, among them flutist Barrere lay down a wreath on Berlioz grave
His friend, a composer and music pedagogic, Ferdinand Hiller, named him a comet of the musical universe, not a planet, appearing fast, vanishing soon and never coming back.

Sheet music for flute:

Sylphen-Tanz - aus Faust's Verdammung (D-Dur)
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(flute, piano)
Rating: easy
  1. Tempo di Valzer, allegretto
Very nice
Trio - Des Jeunes Ismaelites (a-moll)
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(2 flutes, harp)
Rating: mid-grade
  1. Moderato - Andante espressivo
Two scores with the two flute parts and a complete score from which the harp had to play.

CDs with/from Hector Berlioz

Ulf-Dieter Schaaf, Thomas Wellen
  1. Hector Berlioz: Danse des Sylphes aus La damnation de Faust (02:22:00)
  2. Friedrich Cerha: Seven Anecdotes for flute and piano:
  3. I. (00:29:00)
  4. II. (01:00:00)
  5. III. (00:00:00)
  6. IV. (00:00:00)
  7. V. (00:29:00)
  8. VI. Flauto solo (02:41:00)
  9. VII. Potpourri (01:13:00)
  10. Franz Schubert: Introduktion und Variationen auf Trockne Blumen:
  11. Introduktion. Andante (02:40:00)
  12. Thema. Andantino (02:02:00)
  13. Variation I. (01:49:00)
  14. Variation II. (01:57:00)
  15. Variation III. (02:23:00)
  16. Variatio IV. (01:56:00)
  17. Variation V. (02:37:00)
  18. Variation VI. (02:52:00)
  19. Variation VII. Allegro (03:19:00)
  20. Ernst Krenek: Nocturne for flute and piano from School Music op. 85 (06:18:00)
  21. Paul Amadeus Pisk: Introduktion und Rondo op. 61 (08:53:00)
  22. Albert Franz Doppler: Fantaisie pastorale hongroise op. 26 (10:46:00)
Claudi Arimany, Marc Grauwels, Annie Lavoisier, Orchestre de Chambre de Waterloo, Ulysse Waterlot
French Flute Favorites (2003)
Berlioz - Gounod - Donjon - Godard - Gaubert
  1. Jean-Marie-Baptiste Donjon: Offertoire, Op. 12 (04:42:00)
  2. Paul-Agricole Génin: Carnaval de Venise, Op. 14 (10:47:00)
  3. Benjamin Godard: Allegretto (01:43:00)
  4. Benjamin Godard: Idylle (05:12:00)
  5. Benjamin Godard: Sérénade à Mabel (05:05:00)
  6. Benjamin Godard: Légende pastorale (02:37:00)
  7. Philippe Gaubert: Divertissement grec (03:58:00)
  8. Hector Berlioz: Trio de "l'Enfance du Christ" Op. 25 (06:29:00)
  9. Charles Gounod: Petite Symphonie:
  10. Adagio - Allegretto (05:35:00)
  11. Andante cantabile (05:20:00)
  12. Scherzo (03:41:00)
  13. Finale (05:10:00)

Literature von/über Hector Berlioz

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