Biography of Mathieu André Reichert (1830-1880)

Born in Maastricht, son of a military musician
Studies at the Bruxelles conservatory with Demeur
First price of conservatory and appointment for the orchestra of the Régiment des Guides
Concert tours through Europe and to Brasil
Moves to Rio de Janeiro
Dies after years of alcohol abuse

Sheet music for flute:

Six Études pour la Flûte op. 6 (Etüde)
Alphonse Leduc, A. L. 23 698
Rating: difficult
  1. Saltarella - Moderato
  2. Moderato
  3. Allegro vivo
  4. Moderato
  5. Modeato
  6. Pastorale - Moderato

Tägliche Übungen op. 5 (Technik)
Schott Verlag, FTR 102
Rating: mid-grade

Literature von/über Mathieu André Reichert

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