Biography of Rudolf Tillmetz (1847-1915)

Geboren in München
Piano lessons and music theory from Barrage and Müller, flute lessons from Böhm
First public concert
Principal flute at the Royal Bavarian Court Orchestra under Lachner
Teacher at the Royal Bavarian Cadet Corps
Flute teacher at the Royal Conservatory and co-founder of a chamber music organization
Appointment for Royal Bavarian Chamber musician
Flutist at the world premiere of Wagners Parsival in Bayreuth
Appointment for Chamber virtuoso of the Prince of Bavaria
Professorship at the academy of music in Munich
Dies in Munich

Sheet music for flute:

Kadenzen zu den W. A. Mozartschen Flötenkonzerten KV 313/314/315 (Kadenz)
Zimmermann, ZM1112
Rating: mid-grade
  1. Allegro aperto Mozart Flötenkonzert D-Dur 1. Satz
  2. Andante ma non troppo Mozart Flötenkonzert 2. Satz
  3. Allegro Mozart Flötenkonzert D-Dur 3. Satz
  4. Allegro maestoso Mozart Flötenkonzert G-Dur 1. Satz
  5. Adagio non troppo Mozart Flötenkonzert D-Dur 2. Satz
  6. Mozart Flötenkonzert D-Dur 3. Satz
  7. Mozart Andante C-Dur
Nocturne op. 31 (Es-Dur)
CD-Aufnahmen bei jpc.deMP3-Download bei
(flute, horn, piano)
Kistner & Siegel & Co., 8976
Rating: difficult
  1. Moderato assai
Short piece (two pages for horn also as for flute), dedicated to the hornist Bruno Hoyer.

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