Biography of Niels Peter Jensen (1802-1846)

Born blind in Copenhagen
Organist and flutist, got lessons from Kuhlau
Organist of Petri church in Copenhagen
Dies in Copenhagen

Sheet music for flute:

Drei Duos 7
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(2 flutes)
Zimmermann, 34720
Rating: easy
  1. Duo I (Allegro - Romance Andante - Rondo Allegretto)
  2. Duo II (Allegro con brio - Andante - Rondo Allegretto-Scherzando)
  3. Duo III (Allegro - Adagio - Polonaise)
Luxurious score with extra pages to swing out for easier page turning.
Late classic or early romantic music. Very beautiful music, the movements quite long. Both parts are equally demanding. It is really fun to play this.

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