Biography of Andreas Romberg (1767-1821)

Born in Vechta son of the Munsterian music director Gerhard Heinrich Romberg
Lessons from the father, who was clarinetist and violinist
Debut playing violin in Münster
Member of the court orchestra of the prince-Bishop in Münster
Solo violinist of Concert Spirituel in Paris
Acquaintance with Beethovens in Bonn, where he played in the band at the court.
Moves to Hamburg
Concert tour to Italy and Austria and acquaintance with Haydn
Application as band master at the court in Gotha is declined
Successor of Louis Spohrs as band master at the court in Gotha
Foundation of a singing society is the start of concerts playing oratorios.
Dies in Gotha
He wrote music to several textes of Schiller (for example the bell) and was befriended with Klopstock

Sheet music for flute:

Drei Duos Op. 62
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(2 flutes)
Camera Flauto Amadeus, BP 2041
  1. Duo I (Allegro - Menuetto Allegretto - Andante sostenuto - Rondo Allegretto vivace)
  2. Duo II (Allegro vivace - Andantino - Menuetto Vivace - Rondo Allegretto)
  3. Duo III (Allegro ma non troppo - Mnuetto vivace - Andante cantabile - Finale Allegro molto)
Only parts.
Written before 1820.

CDs with/from Andreas Romberg

William Bennett, Mile Kosi, Novsak Trio
Quintets for Flute and Strings (1990)
    Ferdinand Ries: Quintett in b-moll:
  1. Allegro (06:52:00)
  2. Andantino con moto (05:47:00)
  3. Finale - Allegro (00:00:03)
  4. Andreas Romberg: Quintett op. 21/5 in B-Dur:
  5. Allegro (06:05:00)
  6. Menuetto - Allegro ma non troppo (05:34:00)
  7. Adagio cantabile (05:21:00)
  8. Finale - Vivace (04:02:00)
  9. Andreas Romberg: Quintett op. 21/4 in A-moll:
  10. Allegro moderato (06:01:00)
  11. Menuetto - Allegretto (03:37:00)
  12. Adagio - Andante (03:45:00)
  13. Finale - Allegro (04:01:00)
Flöte und Streicher erklingen in einer Art Dialog, wobei das Streichquartett wie ein "Mann" agiert. Sehr schön sowohl spieltechnisch, stilistisch als auch vom Aufnahmeklang (nicht dieser übermässige Raumhall, den ich persönlich auf Flötenaufnahmen hasse).

Literature von/über Andreas Romberg

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