Biography of Benjamin Schweitzer (*1973)

Born in Marburg
Premiere of "dull roots & spring rain" in the cloister Volkenroda, played by the Aeolian Trio (Carin Levine, Peter Veale und Pascal Gallois).

Sheet music for flute:

dull roots & spring rain
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(flute/bass flute (clarinet), oboe, bassoon)
Schott Verlag, ED 20746
Rating: very difficult
  1. fließend
  2. ruhig, fließend
Four scores for the players, of which one is transposed in case you use clarinet in B. There is a manual regarding the playing and writing of the piece.
The composition was awarded at the Weimarer Frühjahrstage 2009. The first performance was played by the Aeolian Trio (Carin Levine, Peter Veale and Pascal Gallois) on the 10th of August in Kloster Volkenroada.
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