Biography of Giovanni Ricci

Sheet music for flute:

Time for Feeling
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(flute, accompanying instrument chord symbols)
Rating: easy
  1. Warm up (Fast-Rock)
  2. Dreamdance (Slow-Rock)
  3. Activity (Fast-Soul-Rock)
  4. Kristina's Rock'n Roll (Fast)
  5. Time for Feeling (Soul-Ballad)
  6. Little Soul Song (Soul-Rock)
  7. Repeat Please (Fast-Rock)
  8. Sugar Cane (Samba)
  9. Dark Eyes (Moderate-Rock)
  10. Waite a Minute (Moderate-Funk)
  11. The Flying Skateboard (Fast-Soul-Rock)
  12. Longing for you (Slow-Rock)
  13. Color-Crumble (Moderate-Hard-Rock)
  14. Sweet White Coffee (Fast-Rock-Boogie)
Collection of so called instrumentals (rock, soul, latin, boogie). The flute part includes harmonies, such that a piano, guitar or whole band might accompany.

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