Biography of Isang Yun (1917-1995)

Born in San Chung Gun, sun of a poet
Grew up in the occupied Korea and became a resistance fighter at young age.
Arrested because of subversive work against Japanese
Became a victim of turture during World War II
Studies composition, theory and cello in Tokio
Teaches at Korean schools and universities
Composition award and studentship for studying in Europe (Paris, Berlin and Darmstadt, with Blacher, Rufer and Schwarz-Schilling)
Composition of Garak for flute and piano
Was abducted by the Southern Korean intelligence service from Germany and arrested until 1969. During this time he was also tortured again.
Final discharge due to international pressure. Lectorship at the University of music in Berlin.
Gets German citizenship
Foundation of an Isang-Yun-Institute in Northern Corea
Roberto Fabbriciani plays the premiere of Sori for flute solo at Carnegie Hall
Dies in Berlin

Sheet music for flute:

Salomo - aus der Cantate "Der weise Mann" (19978/78)
CD-Aufnahmen bei jpc.deMP3-Download bei
(alto flute (flute))
Bote & Bock (now Boosey & Hawkes), 6c678B
Rating: difficult
  1. Viertel ca. 60

Sori - für Flöte solo 1988
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Bote & Bock (now Boosey & Hawkes), 2/M1189
Rating: difficult
  1. Viertel = 76
Dedicated to the flutist Roberto Fabbriciani, who also played the premiere of the piece at Carnegie Hall
Sori is a corean word for voice or singing.

Literature von/über Isang Yun

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