Biography of Paul Harris (*1955)

Studies at Royal Academy of Music and University of London

Sheet music for flute:

Chocolate Box - 10 musical Treats for Flute and Piano
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(flute, piano)
Novello, ISBN 0-7119-9644-X
Rating: easy
  1. Hazelnote Crunch
  2. Minty Minuet
  3. Dark Chocolate Truffle Trot
  4. Toffee Tango
  5. Strawberry Sarabande
  6. Viennese Vanilla Valse
  7. Mocha Baroqua
  8. Caraml Carousel
  9. Caraml Carousel
  10. Fudge Fandango
  11. Maple Nut Rag
None of this short pieces takes more than one page in the flute part.

Five Waltzes
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(flute, clarinet, piano)
Queens Temple, QT12
Rating: easy
  1. Allegro
  2. Allegro grazioso
  3. Moderato
  4. Allegretto
  5. Allegro con moto
Not so difficulty to play but musically very pleasing. A lucky buy.

Train music
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(flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, horn)
Queens Temple, QT111
Rating: easy
  1. Maestoso - Allegro spiritoso
Parts and score

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